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Education and Pro Bono

One of our founding attorneys, John F. Scully, a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, envisioned the immense importance of high technological standards in the field of intellectual property. As an Adjunct Professor of both Patent Law at Hofstra University and Organic Chemistry at Queens College, Dr. Scully believed education in law and technology was essential to the procurement, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property.

Following directly in Dr. Scully’s footsteps is partner Frank S. DiGiglio, who served as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Patent Law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Mr. DiGiglio provided unique insight for his dedicated students on the current developments in the ever-changing, high profile areas of Biotechnology Patent Law.

Furthering Dr. Scully’s education principles, we have partnered with the Center for Biotechnology at State University of New York at Stony Brook and established the first patent law internship for graduate students in life sciences. We are also proud to have founded the Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser Innovation Award at Stony Brook University. For several years, undergraduate seniors designed and prototyped an aide or toy for children with disabilities. In recognition of the most innovative design, our attorneys will applied for and prosecuted a patent application in the inventors’ names. Our programs provide students with invaluable insight into the field of intellectual property and, perhaps more importantly, allow us to contribute to our community while fostering the growth of technology.

We have also forged a relationship with Touro School of Law, to offer real-life experiences by placing a law school student in situations impossible to replicate in the classroom. The experience is aimed to better prepare the specific student for a career in Intellectual Property and to better the overall quality of attorney practice in our growing scientific and legal field.

Through guest appearances, writing articles and other presentations, we continue to further the development of our field. Because we make it a tradition to stay informed of all advances in technology and science, our attorneys have lectured and been published all over the world.

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