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Mechanical Arts

Mechanical Arts | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

With such a wide range of in-house technical expertise, there is no area of the mechanical arts we cannot counsel secure and litigate. Such areas include production machinery, packaging equipment, medical instrumentation, optics, hangers, analyzation equipment and sports equipment. Our experience includes handling matters involving equipment that ranges from large industrial processing systems to the less complex oriented mechanical devices. We have prepared and prosecuted patents in high tech areas such as alternative power systems including hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cells, low-tech areas such as hangers and baseball caps, and many areas in-between.

Our firm also provides expertise in various advances in the optical arts for hand-held bar code readers, laser scanners, holographic pattern recognition systems, laser targeting, collision avoidance systems, liquid crystal displays, microscopes and optical medical instrumentation. In addition, we are experienced in mobile telecommunications equipment including cellular phones and large scale antenna systems. When a mechanical invention also relates to electrical, chemical, biotechnical, or computer products or processes, firm attorneys with relevant expertise collaborate to ensure that a client’s protection is fully realized. Recent evidence of this process rests in our development of an extensive patent protection program on a new production line for an industry leader in disposable contact lenses.

Our firm has coordinated an international program to facilitate the international use of environmentally friendly packaging technology directed to perform extrusion and blow molding processes for soft drink bottles on behalf of one of the world’s major soft drink companies. Additionally, we are engaged in multinational projects for injection molding processes and products, as well as cargo handling systems. Furthermore, we represent a globally recognized company in preparing and prosecuting endoscope products and related peripheral devices and accessories.

We continue to represent several globally recognized domestic and foreign corporations that develop inventions in robotics, appliances, weaponry, infrared microscopes, high-pressure liquid chromatography devices and nuclear power plant technology.

Other Fields of Expertise

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