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Counseling / Licensing | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

In today’s market, a company’s intellectual property may be worth more than its tangible property. Business success, regardless of industry, rests on how well you manage, measure and account for your intellectual property. Our attorneys have worked on the operating side in capacities ranging from engineer and bench researcher to president and founder. We understand business. We understand technology. And we understand the law. Whether its IP audits, efficient IP utilization (tax, licensing, litigation, etc.), due diligence reviews, IP generation protocols – under our counsel, your assets are protected and strategies for extracting value out of your intellectual property are formed and executed.

Licensing is a multi-billion dollar business. For the most effective and profitable use of your intellectual property, you need impenetrable and sophisticated transactions. We have vast experience in licensing, IP considerations in mergers, acquisitions, and public and private equity investments. Over the years, our practice has effectively licensed millions of dollars in intellectual property assets for Fortune 500 corporations, smaller businesses, and individuals.

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