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Nanotechnology | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

One of the most exciting research areas and emerging markets in the last 100 years and we are at the forefront of its development. Comprised of members holding advanced degrees in science and engineering, including PhD’s in the fields of chemistry, material science and the life sciences, our firm is uniquely qualified to serve our client’s needs in the emerging nanosciences.

Since 1990, we have written and prosecuted patent applications worldwide relating to fullerenes and their use in various technologies, including electronics and life sciences. The most notable of these are the seminal patents relating to the discoveries of Drs. Huffman and Kratschmer, known to be among the first scientists who prepared and isolated fullerenes, including C60, in macroscopic amounts. We have also prepared and prosecuted patent applications directed to nanotubes, quantum dots, and various nanoparticles, and in related technologies including atomic force probes, SEMs, MEMS and, other small scale semiconductor and optical device technologies.

We are a strategic business advisor to academic and business leaders in nanotech industries and are actively engaged in formulating patent strategies for many private and public companies in those industries. To better advise clients, we have created a multi-disciplined nanotechnology practice group including members drawn from our firm’s traditional practice areas. This group has valuable insight into the influence of intellectual property in emerging nanotech markets. Our long history with nanotechnology allows us to integrate information from a variety of sources in a manner designed to provide more informative counseling and useful advise for entrepreneurs, laboratories, the buy-side community, and major corporations.

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