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Internet, e-Commerce & Business Methods

Internet, E-Commerce & Business Methods | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

It is safe to say the Internet has become a ubiquitous part of both private life and business. Understanding the advantages and identifying the potential pitfalls of using the Internet as a business tool is vital in today’s global market. There are complex issues surrounding the Internet such as domain name selection and registration, operation and maintenance of web sites, and personal jurisdiction problems. Conducting business over the Internet involves unique legal questions in the areas of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and unfair competition.

Patent protection has emerged as a primary tool in protecting Internet and e-commerce patents. We have handled e-commerce patents related to shopping cart models, auction techniques, secure payment techniques, on-line surveys, promotions, gaming and advertising techniques, and financial transactions such as loan processing. We have expertise in Internet-related patents encompassing Internet infrastructure, including directory techniques, search engines, and communication techniques involving routing, data compression and encryption.

In addition, our attorneys have prepared applications and obtained patents in areas including obtaining on-line authorized services, on-line auctions, securities trading, insurance, deferred compensation plans, on-line surveys, electronic coupons, consumer incentive programs, user interfaces, directory techniques and communication protocols.

Other Fields of Expertise

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