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Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computers

Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computers | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science evolve at blazing speed. Therefore continuous education with the most updated materials and cutting edge discoveries is vital. Since our inception, we have procured patents for some of the most respected companies in the computer and aerospace industries, including patents for computers, software, weapons and radar systems that are of prime national importance.

Our firm has obtained protection regarding semiconductor technologies that include various wafer fabrication processes and device structures in both gallium arsenide and silicon. Counseling for these clients relies heavily on our experience in materials science, optics, electronics and metallurgy. We have extensively protected innovations in computer systems, including autonomic computing, as well as computer hardware and circuitry from individual semiconductor memory storage devices to whole computer memory organizations, and from embedded system and system-on-chip integrated circuit designs to massively parallel computing systems.

Our experience has enabled us to secure patents in liquid crystal display technologies- securing innovations relating to physical aspects of individual LCD elements to data synchronization aspects of display generation. We also handle microprocessors, 3D computer graphics, operating systems, and ASIC designs from both an algorithm and architecture viewpoint.

We protect computer software with method and system patents, copyrights and trade secret counseling. We provide full services to clients involved in operating systems for visual display, image processing, artificial intelligence, simulation, robotic systems, automated production lines, and highly compact data indexing and display algorithms. We prepare and prosecute patents relating to network (e.g., LAN, WAN) systems and improvements in information and communications technologies, including digital radio, wireless systems, security aspects such as cryptographical cypher systems, improvements in I/O and data processing efficiencies, and innovations to communications and packet routing protocols associated with most wired and wireless communications technologies. Further to be exploited is our extensive experience in securing patent protection for optical electronics including SONET systems and bioinformatics-related inventions that are currently re-shaping the research landscape in conventional biotechnology and drug discovery.

Our experience also includes medical diagnostic imaging systems and computer software applications such as traditional x-ray imaging systems, digital rotational angiography systems, computed tomography (CT) systems, ultrasound imaging systems, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), computer aided detection (CAD), and computer aided diagnostics (CADx) to support medical diagnostic and interventional practices.

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