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Trade Practice

Trade Practice | Scully Scott Murphy & Presser PC

To the untrained eye, Trade Practice laws may seem like an impassable jungle of regulations. That is why our clients rely on us to help them navigate a successful trade regulation course of action and provide a road map to protect their competitive advantage. There are numerous ways your protection is realized, from developing a complete corporate intellectual property and trade secret protection program to bringing a private antitrust action under both federal and state law.

We have drafted and litigated, know-how and joint technology development agreements, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements and employee restrictive covenants and non-compete clauses. We are well-versed in all areas of unfair competition, including, false designation of origin section 43(a) actions, trade dress, trade disparagement and false advertising. We also advise our clients regarding the interaction between antitrust issues and intellectual property, as they apply to licensing and acquisitions in an effort to prevent fraudulent procurement, bad faith enforcement, misuse and pooling. We have handled antitrust causes of action, from the classic Walker Process patent cause to a Sherman 2 case regarding a conspiracy to block a competitor from having its product approved for competitive bidding contracts.

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