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SSMP Is Ranked #6 in Juristat’s 2018 Rankings of Top 100 Patent Firms

  • Mar 28 2019

Juristat, the only service that uses performance as well as volume to rank U.S. patent prosecution teams, has announced its 2018 Top 100 Patent Firms. SSMP, located in Garden City, Long Island, has not only made the cut, but has come out as number six among its esteemed peers. Because there are approximately 40,000 patent prosecution attorneys in the county, being included in this Top 100 list is a great honor. Ranking number 6 is an amazing accomplishment.

How is performance of these patent prosecution firms measured?

Juristat uses its well-wrought Juristat Business Intelligence to compile its Top 100 list. The rankings are based on four significant metrics:

  • Number of patent applications filed
  • Allowance rate
  • Average number of office actions before allowance
  • Average time to allowance

After calculating firms for the above metrics, Juristat determines a weighted average of each firm’s four rankings. In order to meet the extremely high standards for inclusion on Juristat’s Top 100, a firm must publish at least 200 applications during the year.

Why Recognition of the Best Patent Prosecution Attorneys Is Important

Individuals and companies looking to protect their technological innovations or advancements must secure patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patents prevent competitors from making, using or selling a particular invention and so give the companies with patents a tremendous advantage in terms of reputation and opportunities. Thus, patent prosecution attorneys like SSMP assist businesses, universities, and individuals in protecting and increasing their assets.

SSMP provides service not only throughout the U.S. but around the world. The patent attorneys at SSMP use their comprehensive knowledge to guide their clients through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and/or to facilitate international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Many people do not understand the complexities of patent prosecution. The process requires legal services from talented intellectual property attorneys like those at SSMP. Juristat’s recognition of the firm is further recognition of the firm’s prowess in the field of patent prosecution. Known for its in-depth understanding of clients’ innovations, SSMP is dedicated to creating the most inclusive patent claims to ensure that their clients have the strongest protection of their ideas and inventions possible.

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