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Someone filling out a patent application.

How to Submit a Patent Application

You’ve suddenly thought of a great idea and want to turn your idea into a reality – an invention – and protecting it by receiving a patent. The process of …

  • Posted on: Nov 14 2019
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Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, PC discusses the patent process of cannabis and cannabis-related products.

The Patentability of Cannabis

With a massive boom in cannabis and cannabis-related products, it is not surprising that legal issues surrounding these products have arisen. While trademarking cannabis-related products and processes can be murky, …

  • Posted on: Sep 17 2019
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Patent Protection

Protecting your inventions with a patent shields you from others copying and profiting off of your creation. Not all inventions, however, will qualify for patent protection. U.S. Patent Law lays …

  • Posted on: Jul 11 2019
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The Patent Search Process

Do I still need a patent search if my idea is not on the market? The patent search process is at times overlooked, but is a crucial first step to …

  • Posted on: Jun 28 2019
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The Federal Government Is Not A Person

By: Mark J. Cohen, Ph. D The Supreme Court in a decision in Return Mail Inc. v. U.S. Postal Service et al, case number 17-1594 in the U.S Supreme Court, …

  • Posted on: Jun 14 2019
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Design Patents: What Are They?

You just thought of a product that is unique in design from its competitors, standing out from the crowd. What should you do? How can you protect it? You may …

  • Posted on: May 10 2019
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Protecting Your Patent

How can I enforce my patent? Receiving a patent is a momentous occasion.  Your patent represents the culmination of your innovation, diligence, and hard work.  You likely spent several months …

  • Posted on: Apr 23 2019
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How to Avoid Trademark Infringement

An effective trademark strategy will not only enable you to establish a distinctive brand identity, but also help to avoid infringing on the marks of others. Trademark infringement can be …

  • Posted on: Dec 31 2018
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Amazon Sued Over Alleged Trademark Infringement

In the latest suit against the Seattle-based e-commerce conglomerate (The Comphy Co. v., Inc.), Amazon is being accused of trademark infringement by upscale bedding company, The Comphy. In its …

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2018
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What is a Patent Search?

If you intend on bringing innovations to the marketplace it is essential to obtain a patent which grants you the exclusive right to use, sell or otherwise exploit the particular …

  • Posted on: Jun 28 2018
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